Reward : Terms & Conditions
  • 1
    Participating the Reward program on, you accept our terms and conditions mentioned below. Kindly read and understand.
  • 2
    Reward Program is completely created and run by using its own Algorithm.
  • 3
    Reward program is a User Engagement and promotional program toward website and cannot be taken as Lottery Type Service. We are not taking any registration or participation fee from our user who wish to participate Reward program.
  • 4
    Reward program running on website is only for Indian National and Reward will be given to Indian Citizen only. As this Reward Program is solely based on Indian Mobile Number, hence only those people can be able to participate this program and Reward can be awarded if the Mobile Number belongs to Indian Telecom Operators.
  • 5
    You must be as old as to participate in any Online Campaign as per Indian Government Rules and Regulation. Failing to this will simply turns your participation as COMPLETE VOID and you will not able to challenge Reward program on any form.
  • 6
    If you belong to any State or Community where Online Reward campaign is not allowed, your participation for Reward Program, even your participation is selected for winner list, will get NULLIFIED.
  • 7 reserves Complete right to Reject Any Participant for Reward Program if found malpractice to participate Reward program.
  • 8
    Any type or form of misinformation given by user will simply get REJECTION of that participant from Reward program.
  • 9 will reward its winning participant in many form of payment and reward like Mobile Recharge, Online Money Transfer and Wallet transfer that is applicable to Indian Circumstances. This will be revised based on the change in Reward Program and will inform via Terms and Condition page along with HowItWorks page on website.
  • 10
    At present Reward program will award the Reward in two category. Each category Reward consists on fixed number of winner in that category.
  • 11
    Reward Category that gives Reward of Rs50[Rupees Fifty Only] will be awarded to 1 Person maximum for the Day.
  • 12
    Reward Category that gives Reward of Rs10[Rupees Ten Only] will be awarded to 3 person maximum for the day.
  • 13
    Winner of the reward Program may be notified via SMS or Email used in that particular participation which was selected for the Reward of that category and date.
  • 14
    Your mobile number must be valid for receiving the Mobile Recharge [Indian Telecom Operator] or Wallet Transfer like PayTM, MobiKwik, FreeCharge and many other Indian Wallet System. Failing to mobile recharge or online reward money transfer using these above mentioned method will completely responsible of that user who has provided the Mobile Number information while participating the Reward Program. will not take any responsibility nor request to track the failing of mobile recharge or online money transfer to these telecom operator or Wallet System. However in case of failure of mobile recharge or money transfer, will provide the Transaction Id given by end telecom operator or Wallet System for that particular recharge or money transfer. User will further query to the telecom operator or Wallet system for recharge or money transfer in the form of Reward.
  • 15 will not take any type or form of responsibility if mobile number used in the participation of NEWS Reward program will get failed to fulfill the Rules and Regulation set by the Telecom operator or Wallet System for the Mobile Number used in the Reward Participation by user. User will be responsible to further query to the end Telecom operator or Wallet System to rectify the issue for that Mobile Number. At any condition, will not entertain any request of 3rd party service provider directly for the USER that has participated in the News Reward program.
  • 16 reserves the complete right to reject and nullify the participation of any user in the case of system failure, server failure, any malware attack on website and its running application, programs.
  • 17
    This leads the confirmation from and by user end [who has visited] of this website and its program not to challenge the website and its program in any form via Legal Procedure to any court or arbitrary in India or outside India.
  • 18 reserves the right to change the algorithm used in the reward program without any notification..
  • 19 reserves the right to change the number of Reward category, amount given in the reward program per category and the mode of the reward as Mobile-Recharge, Online-Coupon or Online-Money-Transfer etc.
  • 20 request you to read the Terms&Condition before using the website and its program.
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