Reward : How it works ?
  • 1
    Visit website for News, Current Affairs, Video Watch, Property Search, Business Search etc. While visiting of different news, video, property or business you will get Reward Participation page depending on the Algorithm used in application.
  • 2
    Fill the reward participation form in which you have to provide your mobile number, your name and your email id. Mobile number is required but we suggest you to fill name and email for better communication in case of reward win information. Click the Participate button.
  • 3
    You will get confirmation page with Reward Transaction Id. Keep this as reference current participation for future use [However this is not compulsory].
  • 4
    You can participate many times in one day. Many participation means many chance to win the reward and your each participation will count separately. Hence it may possible the same mobile number with different transaction id can win two or three reward in one day.
  • 5
    You can check total participation count for the current day using Reward Participation Check. Click the Reward tab in the top menu. This will show the Reward Participation Check form. Enter your mobile number and click the Check button.
  • 6
    You will get the reward participation count for current date.
  • 7
    You can check the winner list for by selecting a date in the Winner tab.
  • 8
    The page will show you the last 9 days of winner list selection date. Click the date you want to see the winner list for the Reward Participation.
  • 9
    Winner list will contain all the selected participant for that date with Mobile Number, Transaction Id, Name Email and the reward Status. Reward status will show the current status of reward payment. If your number get shortlisted for Reward Winner Category for the day, you will be listed for that date.
  • #
    DONE= Payment has completed.
    PENDING= Payment is PENDING.
    ABANDON = Participant is rejected by some reason.
  • #
    You will get paid Reward via Mobile Recharge, Gift Coupon, Money Transfer like wallet etc. May you will get notified for Reward Win and Payment Done via SMS or Email.
  • #
    Each day participation will be completely new and fresh, hence participation of previous day will be completely nullified and no reference taken from any previous participation for the Reward Program.
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