Help Page for Adding Business : Method 1
  • 1
    Go to the link Image Upload and click the Start Upload Button.

  • 2
    Select the image you want to upload as Business Listing. Then click the Open button in image explorer on your computer.

  • 3
    You can edit your image on page or leave as it. Try to select the image that already in good format. Please take image of your business or property like 500px to 1000px width. This will be good enough for displaying your Property or Business. Image size should be approx. 300KB to 1000KB so that image load will fast.

  • 4
    Once image upload successful page appears, select Embed Code drop down as HTML full linked option.

  • 5
    Copy the image location as image link as below. Do not copy all the text appeared in the box as that will not work. To verify the link you copied, check the same link in another tab of browser. If the image is coming properly, then that image link is valid.

  • 6
    Paste the image link in the Image field in Business Add form.

  • 7
    Please contact if you face any problem while sharing your image link.
Help Page for Adding Business : Method 2
  • 1
    Go to your social media [ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... any one ] page.

  • 2
    Open the Photo album in your account. Upload the image you want to share.

  • 3
    After upload the image for share, click that image to open in browser.

  • 4
    Once the image will open, Right Click on image. You will get many option in popup menu. Select Copy Image Location from the menu.

  • 5
    Paste this copied image link in the Business form image field.

  • 6
    Please contact if you face any problem while sharing your image link.
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