Anarkali Of Aarah rules like Shahzaada Saleem

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Anarkali Of Aarah rules like Shahzaada Saleem

At the time of its Trailer, Anarkali Of Aarah was noticed completely by audience and it was only things matter to release of the movie. Audience has its mood at Trailer Release and this film has not disappointed at all as per expectation. Many movie producers are making trailer very lucrative but the actual movies generally prove wrong. Unfortunately, Anarkali Of Aarah has not done that thing.

Despite of release with big banner and big star cast film, Phillauri, this movie has done powerful impact on Box Office and that shows this is a big hit. No big star in this movie but few decent start with good acting skill can overshadow other movie. The biggest critics are not who is coming on big channel at prime time but actual people who comes to see the movie and then submit their opinion. No promotion can be bigger than Mouth to Mouth promotion done by real audience in the cinema hall and Anarkali of Aarah is the people's selection for this season.

No promotion can be bigger than Mouth to Mouth promotion done by real audience in the cinema hall and Anarkali of Aarah is the people?s selection for this season.

Director-cum-Writer Avinash Das has done complete justice with the plot of the cinema by selecting so called side actors in main stream Bollywood. That proves and necessary for real message given by this film. I am not going to discuss the story line of this movie as already many people knows the plot, but this type of story can be blunder if anything goes wrong in execution.

Swara Bhaskar playing Anarkali is an item girl or you can say street dancer from Aarah and it is very good to see that she has dialogue delivery very similar to Bihari Tone. Sanjay Mishra, no one doubt, is one of the finest actor and this man can do any kind of role. No one was expecting he can do such a strong performance in Goon role too. Pankaj Tripathi again proved that his innocent face acting is very decent and he was the perfect for Rangeela.

Anarkali has done better than Phillauri
Sanjay Mishara can do any role
Bihari Tone in full form and witnessed almost after long time since Gang Of Wassepur.

Anarkali of Aarah has shown many thing from Bihari style, location, some Bihari stuff and that again necessary for realistic view of this movie. These things make the movie like watching real story. Some says the double meaning dialogue is there but those are necessary and it was not forcefully implanted. You can blame films like Garam Masala as those are putting double meaning dialogue but not Anarkali of Aarah.

Anarkali of Aarah has shown mirror to society where the treatment of these local dancers by people around them. Many time these dancers are doing shows in rural village and people?s treatment toward these artists are generally bad. As these Street Dancers or Bar Girls are generally illiterate and comes from a poor background, many stories generally gone untold. This movie is slap to all people whose thinking toward these dancers like lust of flesh. Movie should be taken as inspiration to Bar Dancer and Street Dancer and must be some awareness program about the legal rights to these dancers.


Anarkali rules like Sahjada Saleem. I am rating this movie as 3.5 star for its great execution.

A must watch for as movie shows the mirror to reality of people?s mentality toward Street Dancer.
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